Ground Smart BluGlasses 100% UV400 Radiation-resistant Glasses Computer Gaming Glasses

Ground Smart BluGlasses 100% UV400 Radiation-resistant Glasses Computer Gaming Glasses

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer sore eyes and headaches from long screen time?

Scientists have found that exposure to harmful blue light from phones, tablets, computers, TVs and modern room lighting ruins your sleep and causes permanent eye damage.

There is a SOLUTION:

Ground Smart's Blue Light Blocking Glasses will supercharge your sleep & health by blocking harmful blue light while letting in all other safe light.

Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses at least 90 minutes before bedtime leaves you free to watch TV and use devices without ruining your sleep.

Wear when working on computers or gaming to stop sore eyes and headaches.


Other Benefits: 

SLEEP BETTER - Do you have trouble sleeping? You sleep better when you wear your GS Blue Blocker Glasses.

PROTECT YOUR EYES - Orange lenses block more blue light than any other computer reading glasses. Anti-Reflective + Anti-Glare lens coating prevents insomnia and macular degeneration.

LOOK COOLER - Most computer glasses and video gaming glasses are not cool! They’re clunky, unstylish and make you look silly. You can rock your GS Blue Blocker Glasses and still be super stylish!

ACETATE FRAMES - Environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Strong, lightweight and flexible, can be shaped to your face for a perfect fit and be readjusted.

FDA Registered – GS Blue Blocker Glasses are fully registered with the Food and Drug Administration to import Class I Medical Devices.


Material: Acetate frame with anti-blue rays lens
Total Width: 142 mm
Lens Width: 50 mm
Lens Height: 36 mm

Type: Full frame

Note: Allow a 1-3 mm sizing error. The actual color may slightly vary.

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