Air Ion Tester

Air Ion Tester Meter Counter (Negative Ion Detection)

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Air Ion Tester Meter Counter (Negative Ion Detection)

Product Feature:

  • Can estimate negative ion concentrations.
  • LCD display: display value units for the million, the maximum reading 1999.
  • Compact, easy to carry.
  • The maximum value remains.

Product Specification:

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Model Number: other

DIY Supplies: Paint & Decorating

Concentration Meters: ion meter

How to use:

    • At first, turn the switch to "ON" position.
    • Keep your thumb in contact with the front square metal plates.
    • Keep the rear square metal towards the air ion generator.
    • You’ll see the readings.
    • After measuring, turn the switch to "OFF" position.

Attention: Don't touch the rear square metal of the tester when testing.


Why use this air ion tester meter counter?

Air purifiers, air conditioners or a variety of negative ion generators can produce a large amount of negative ions if they are working properly. With this counter, you can estimate whether the air ion generator or air purifier is working in good state. You can also test textile or cloth, judge the ion's polarity and concentration. This air ion counter is simple in design and very easy to use. You can keep it in your pocket or in your bag while travelling.


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