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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
― Winston S. Churchill

Welcome to Ground Smart - A Message From Allie

We have more opportunity today than ever before to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, but it's all about choices.

My name is Allie Bennet and I'm a visionary for how we relate and provide value to our amazing customers here at Ground Smart. I have a background in Life Coaching and Naturopathy techniques. I merged my experience with the study of grounding (and the profound health benefits that have been documented), then dedicated myself to helping others become healthier and feel amazing permanently. (Here's a link to those studies if you're interested)  

"Ground Smart" became a mantra for everything I believed in towards our choices about healthy living and satisfaction in life. We strive to create a culture of like-minded individuals and pay it forward however we can. Our way of paying it forward is to remind you to tap into mother nature and get reacquainted. Your ancestors stayed grounded most of their lives before modern living. Get outside as often as you can and experience the benefits of what the earth has to offer.

To the good life.



How Ground Smart came to be

Our products were created from a discovery I stumbled upon to help some dear friends of mine, Mark and Joanne. Their son was born via c-section 6 weeks premature at 3 lbs 7 ounces, and spent 30 days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). 

During Joanne's recovery from the c-section, she experienced extreme inflammation and pain from the surgery. Studying naturopathy at the time, I came across the concept of 'grounding' and how it was proven to reduce inflammation, the healing process and a host of other health issues just by maintaining constant grounding.

Since Joanne couldn't be outside, I decided to make a conductive sheet that would plug into a ground port. It took me two days to produce a primitive version of our half-sheet, but it did the trick. After some convincing with the medical staff, we switched her hospital bed sheet with the grounded one and plugged it into the ground outlet. Joanne groggy and sore, rolled over and fell asleep. 

When I came to visit the next day, Joanne was beaming - both from the realization that she was a new mom, her baby was doing great and from how she felt. She explained that the inflammation had gone down dramatically along with the pain and that she had never slept better. The staff had even noted that they made the pain medication 'as needed' instead of mandatory, and Joanne said she didn't need it. She was released that day.

According to Joanne her recovery was perfect. It involved gradual physiotherapy and light exercise when recommended, but she never stopped using the sheet and swears by grounding today. 

(I eventually worked with specialists to engineer the half sheet we sell today, and Joanne has never slept without it and even uses one in the baby's crib!)  

Out of Mark and Joanne's experience came an understanding about the truly profound effects of personal grounding. Also, the sad truth that many people don't benefit from something so simple because it's not practical. Not everyone can get out and walk barefoot for hours every day (which is about the time you'd need for your body to start benefitting).

Which is why we created the personal grounding products we provide today.
We make grounding convenient so you can ground yourself wherever you are and whenever you want. Practical for your lifestyle. 

Ground Smart has grown into a small dedicated group that recognizes the importance of living a "grounded life". Not a "boring" life - but actually physically grounding yourself to the earth as much as you can. It is our mission to advocate and educate the profound health benefits that can be experienced simply by reducing the charge in our bodies.

If you are reading this you are among a special group we refer to as "The Grounded" who is aware of this forgotten discovery and we ask you to join us in spreading the word.

We're pioneering the way for a fully grounded world, where grounding technology is integrated in the materials and technology all around us. It's a lofty goal, but we can do it with your help, so help us spread the word! 




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