How Our Customers Are Getting Relief

Pain Relief

Chuck from Ohio sleeps deeper and has more dreams while sleeping with a Ground Smart sheet. His wife was also pleasantly surprised at how much better she sleeps too! 


Allison from Virginia found relief from nerve damage using the half sheet.


Megan from Seattle cured her lower back pain with our earthing sheet and Yoga-For-Pain.


Tony from Main was sceptical but started noticing the results and loved how our earthing mat helped his knee pain and headaches.



Jean from New England had severe hand pain until she started using our earthing mat and body band



From a medical doctor in New York:

“I am quite astonished at the effectiveness of sleeping grounded. I have had a chronic neck and back pain issue with often severe stress states associated with it.

“The improvement in my sleep and in my pain and stiffness in only 3 nights has been dramatic. It is clear that the grounding sheet will soon pay for itself in terms of reduced requirement for massage and chiropractic treatment, not to mention analgesic medication.  As a medical practitioner I am surprised that this seems to be the best kept health secret in town.”

“I am a non-professional athlete who has been running since childhood. I had shoulder pain from a fall on a local running trail in August 2009, left hip pain for years, a tweaked neck, and was recovering from a sprained ankle a month before (that was not my year!). After one hour of Earthing, the pain in all areas nearly vanished.

“I went through the change three years ago and could not sleep a full night without waking up multiple times from pain of past injuries and a noisy living environment. Since sleeping on my Earthing sheet, all has changed. For the first time in three years I have been sleeping a full night sleep with dreams. I feel more balanced, my friends say I look younger now, and I have a renewed zest for life!”

From a man in Pennsylvania:

“My wife (age 57) has been grounding for more than seven months.  She has had various health issues – fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis (bladder inflammation), arthritis in her fingers – and she is significantly better on all fronts.  She never
used to dream & have trouble sleeping but she sleeps much better, and falls asleep nearly immediately now while earthing.” 

“Since using the grounding mat while at the computer I no longer suffer pain in my neck and arms. Also the pain I was experiencing in my hips at night in bed has greatly reduced and my sleep apnea disappeared from the first night of using the grounding half sheet.” (Wisconsin)

Elbow Pain

“My 26 years as a contractor have produced different physical problems and pains. I just started using the bands for my elbow and I have to admit it is working very good so far as it has reduced my pain about 80%.

“I started my journey back to health 12 years ago, but I could not help with my elbows. Now, with the use of the wrist band, I’m almost back to normal and I know I will recover completely.”

Accelerated Healing 

Relief of leg ulcers – from a 58-year-old acupuncturist in Australia:

“When I was about 20 years old I had a motor-bike accident, and required comprehensive skin grafts on my left shin area. A very thin skin layer was attached directly to bone, with no cushioning below. I was left with very poor circulation and numbness in that area ever since.

“Over the years since then, I have had dozens of wounds and leg ulcers over the skin graft sites, mainly from dings while chopping wood or when mowing the grass, where stones would fly out and hit my skin graft. The resultant wounds and ulcers would take about 8−12 weeks to heal, depending on their size.


“In 2012, I developed nine leg ulcers. I had never had that many ulcers at any one time. The biggest ulcer was about 15 mm (more than a half-inch) across!


“Having used grounding effectively for some time, for myself and my patients, I immediately began grounding myself as much as possible. On the lawn. At the beach mornings while going for a barefoot walk or swimming. And all night on my grounding sheet. I was grounding for up to 18 hours a day. Normally I would ground myself about 12 hours a day.

“I didn’t use ointments, disinfectants, or antibiotics. Only grounding.

“Within eight days, the ulcers had scabbed over very nicely. (Picture below)


“At 18 days (below), there were only two scabs left, a small one towards the top of my graft and a very small one near my ankle. My leg was essentially back to normal after not even 3 weeks.

“The experience proved beyond doubt for me that ‘Earthing’ is a simple yet powerful healing force which I believe is a gift from the creator.”

Foot Pain 

“I believe I have had significant benefit from sleeping grounded. I had lots of ‘pins and needles’ and numbness through my hands, arms, legs feet and spreading through my body – which is disappearing. Also I had 2 Morton’s Neuromas in my feet (that I had taken cortisone for) and now they have almost disappeared. I believe it’s the sheet that’s doing the magic. Morton’s neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue between the third and fourth toes, and it’s quite painful.”



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