Acupressure Anti Snore Ring - Reflexology - Natural Treatment Against Snoring Solution & Sleeping Aid

Acupressure Anti Snore Ring - Reflexology - Natural Treatment Against Snoring Solution & Sleeping Aid

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Anti-Snore Ring

Are you facing snoring problem?

Snoring is a common problem among all ages and both genders. Snoring sometimes can be very annoying for the other people around us. It hampers sleeping. If you desperately want a solution then this is right here! Just simply slip the ring on your little finger 30 minutes before you go to sleep and say goodbye to the snoring noise that you used to make.

How does it work?

This Anti Snore Ring is a drug free device to relieve snoring problems. The ring uses acupressure principle and applies pressure on specific points on your little finger. This unique device mainly focuses on two acupressure points. The proven ancient theory brings about superior benefits. Now you and your partner can sleep peacefully together-no more snoring!

So what are you waiting for?

The anti-snoring ring is a great alternative to a costly operation to stop snoring. With the anti-snoring ring, you no longer need to be afraid of falling asleep when around other people. So what is holding you back? Purchase now or add to cart to grab this amazing deal! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Product Feature:

  • Uses the principle of acupressure.

  • Wearing of the ring promotes the dilation of the breathing areas.

  • Removes the primary causes of snoring.

  • Promotes a better quality of sleep for the user and helps people with insomnia.


  • Not recommended for people who wear a pacemaker or other electronic devices.

  • If you have sleep apnea then it is not recommended for you without consulting a doctor.

Product Specification:

  • Feature: Acupressure

  • Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O

  • Work Mode: AUTO

  • Material: Titanium

  • Type: Anti-snoring ring

  • Function: Stops snoring

  • Weight: 140g

  • Size: S(4.5-5.1CM) M(5.2-6CM) L(6-8CM)

  • Use: Worn On The Little Finger As Picture



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